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Verb groups

French regular verbs fall into three groups :

  • group 1 where the infinitive ends in 'er'
  • group 2 where the infinitive ends in 'ir'
  • group 3 where the infinitive ends in 're'

Fortunately about 80% of French verbs are in the first group and are mostly regular so if you know one, you know how to conjugate lots of verbs!

Group 1

manger (to eat)
habiter (to live)
decider (to decide)
laver (to wash)
chercher (to look for)
arriver (to arrive)

Group 2

finir (to finish)
sortir (to go out)
partir (to leave)
venir (to come)
choisir (to choose)
dormir (to sleep)

Group 3

vendre (to sell)
prendre (to take)
attendre (to wait)
répondre (to reply)
entendre (to hear)
perdre (to lose)


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